#TeamJason Volunteer Event Resources

What are the standard tasks of an event coordinator, and resources we have to support you? 

  • Schedule an event.

    • (You can schedule an event, such as a stall, door knock or anything else, using this form.)
    • (You can request Jason's attendance at your event by emailing his diary manager, tanya@jasonball.com.au)
  • If possible, help recruit to the event by attending a volunteer recruitment phonebank.

  • Organise materials needed.

    • (You can request access to our organising resources on our private Google Drive here.)
    • (You may need to call your neighbourhood organiser or our campaign manager to get specific resources such as door knock folders, flyers or petitions).
  • Call and confirm your volunteers know how to get there!

    • (You can find your event, and it's RSVPs through this chronological list of upcoming events on NationBuilder.)
    • (You can read through our notes on how to use NationBuilder here.)
    • (You may need to receive NationBuilder Training, sign a confidentiality agreement and organise NationBuilder access by emailing our data manager Ash Andersen.)
  • Run the event!

    • (You can sign up to a training on how to run great events here.)
  • Report how your event went, who came and what they did!

    • (You can report the statistics of your event through our form here.)
    • (You can report who attended on Nationbuilder through the event. You can find your event, and it's RSVPs through this reverse chronological list of past events on NationBuilder.)
  •  Call and check in with your volunteers both who did and didn't come, to ensure they are ok.


Remember - the best way to communicate with your team is through Slack, so please:

  • Download Slack here, and keep it running in the background of your computer.
  • Download Slack to your phone, and keep it running in the background.
  • Email our data manager, Ash Andersen, to request access.

Otherwise a directory of key Campaign Members can be found here. Please request editing access, explaining any corrections, should this need to be updated.

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