#TeamJason Full Campaign Debrief

We've been blown away by the incredible amount of dedication and passion all our volunteers have given us in the last few months. We are so thankful. We've achieved a 9-ish% swing (we're still waiting on the final figures), together.

In the two weeks after election day, we're going to all be a big mix of maybe proud, maybe disappointed, and maybe really sad. And that's okay, because on the 9th of July, we're going to have a full campaign debrief.

From 10am until 3pm, the entire campaign will come together for the day to support each other through the wild ride, and to discuss what we did well, what we can improve on next time, and how we can stay together and stay a team in preparation for getting our wonderful local government candidates elected (and re-elected).

There will be a full lunch provided, with both vegan and vegetarian options.

It's so important to us that we can come together with everyone to say thank-you, and gather our collective learning, but we do understand that not everyone will be available.

We also have other debrief events; the election night party, a campaign brunch, and a big thank-you party for all our volunteers. However, we'd love to see you at this one too. We're so proud of you all.                                

July 09, 2016 at 10am - 3pm

Will you come?