A Celebration of the Last Year

We don't celebrate together often enough!

The sixth of May will mark exactly 1 year since Christine Milne stepped down as leader, and Richard Di Natale became the Leader of the Australian Greens.

Join Richard to celebrate his first year as leader and all we’ve achieved together. Over the last year, we have hosted the first ever drug reform summit at Parliament House, we made it harder for massive multinationals to get out of paying their tax and we launched our plan to transition Australia to a clean-energy future.

That’s worth celebrating!

Free entry + donation at the door.  Please RSVP here to secure your seat. 

May 06, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm
Paul Duggan David Mejia-Canales Nicole Rowan Cassandra Fantastic Tony Canning Bob Muntz Matthew Goodman Georgina Phillips Daniel Sova Colin Smith Shen Black Connie Gibbons Caity Jakeman Tim Fraser Kelvin Stingel Samantha Dunn Katie Robertson Jane Crosskill Susan Miller Helen Fox Wes Gault Rainer Schnittler Ben Curnow Rachel Laws Jeremy Dore Rebekah Smyth Keryn Robinson Janet Shelley Chris de Sousa Lu Willshire Jennifer Bishop Alex Schlotzer Mark McNamara Di Cousens Petra Kahle Beryl Langer Matija Sraj Lisa Maza Annie Pearce Jason Ball Tim Jansen Ann Birrell Christiane Wohlan Martin Janssen Carol-Ann Allen Michelle Noetzig Neil Barker Polly Morgan

Will you come?