About The Facilitators' Network

What do we do?

The Victorian Greens Facilitators Network is an informal group of party members dedicated to supporting quality, consensus-based decision making, and effective meetings and to continuously improving our facilitation skills. 

Right now the network:

  • Shares resources to support facilitation
  • Provides training to party members
  • Provides facilitation support as requested by branches and working groups

In the future, we hope to:

  • Develop a network of people who are passionate about quality facilitation
  • Work across the party to support quality consensus decision making
  • Foster a culture of inclusivity and party participation, underpinned by best practice facilitation

If requested, the network will happily try to:

  • Deliver a specific training tailored to your branch/group/members' needs
  • Organise a meeting at a time or place which works for you (we like road trips to regional areas!)
  • Co-develop or provide resources as needed by your branch/group/members' 

Who are we?

Movers and shakers in the network include our patron, Senator Janet Rice, and co-founders Jim Buckell and Josephine Maguire-Rosier. But really, we are a ramshackle bunch of people who care about the Victorian Greens and want to support good process, effective meetings and best practise decision making. 

Upcoming Events!

We are 100% volunteer run, and we aim to host events (either trainings, discussion groups or meetings) roughly every six weeks. You can find out more about our upcoming events here.

And if you can't make it let us know why and we will do our best to fix that! Changing times, or days, or coming to you. It'll all possible, we just need to know what's required!

Get in touch!

We are committed to working across the party to support all members, branches and committees. If our meetings are inaccessible in any way (geography, timing, etc) or if you would like specific support or training, please email us on josephine@vic.greens.org.au or jimbuckell@gmail.com

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