The Leadbeater’s possum is nearly extinct. And it's not alone.

Yet Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor refuse to prioritise the environment. 

In fact, they are speeding up its destruction -- extending coal licences for Australia’s dirtiest coal plant Yallourn and logging old growth forests, pushing native species like the Leadbeater’s possum to the brink of extinction.

The time to take bold action is now.

We call on Daniel Andrews and Victorian Labor to rewrite their plan for the next four years.

A progressive and courageous government is a government that delivers a healthy world as the foundation for safe and healthy people.

  • Stop logging our native and old growth forests
  • Keep coal and all fossil fuels in the ground and support local communities to transition to clean energy and new jobs
  • Ban single-use plastics and build a proper recycling industry to end the waste crisis
  • Create new laws that prioritise our endangered animals and plants over mining companies, the gambling industry, property developers and other big corporations making a quick buck.

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