Facilitation: Consensus Decision Making

The Victorian Greens has teamed up with the Groupwork Centre to provide members with a series of training sessions including the ever-popular Consensus Decision Making.  

Due to the very limited spaces being funded, the Greens wish to offer this training at no cost in particular to leaders and potential leaders in the Greens. 


Consensus Decision Making is the fourth module*.  Core topics are:

  • Defining CDM and the reasons for using it
  • Essential principles of collaboration
  • Micro-skills for collaboration
  • The Groupwork CDM ‘map’
  • Understanding the psychology of CDM
  • Understanding our role as a facilitator of CDM
  • Dealing with the Challenging Aspects of CDM

Module outcomes include:

  • Development of key skills, including: Listening, Validation, Summarising, Helping people to hear each other, and Leadership
  • Ability to manage more effectively any personal reactions to strong/emotional interchanges
  • Ability to create a safe environment where people feel at ease offering dissenting views
  • Capacity to navigate the dynamics of a group through specific facilitation skills that ensure robust and connected conversations can take place
  • An understanding of the bigger picture of how CDM can strengthen ‘groupness’ – the health, wellbeing and effectiveness of groups


This module will be delivered via Zoom.  Participants will need to log in from a laptop or computer with audio-visual capabilities.  Please inform us by email if you have any special accessibility needs.  



July 03, 2021 at 10am - 4pm




Sam Kurikawa · · 03 9912 2992

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