It's a pretty sweet deal retiring from parliament. 

Pollies get a six-figure pension and a whole heap of other perks. 

Lots of them also get diplomatic postings (like Joe Hockey) or jobs with their mates in the fossil fuel industry. AND they still get to keep their massive pension that we pay for

Right now, pollies have their snouts in the trough, while the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet - wages have flatlined, electricity bills are through the roof, rent and mortgages have skyrocketed and Newstart hasn’t been increased for 24 years.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

In Budget week, Greens Senator Larissa Waters will move for parliamentary pensions for MPs elected before 2004 to be scrapped, and we'll keep pushing on this issue if the Greens have the balance of power in the Senate after the next election.

We'll ask the Parliamentary Budget Office to cost the public money saved by this and move to apply those savings to people who actually need it, as part of our pledge to increase Newstart by at least $75 a week.

Let’s give help to the people who need it. Not to those who’ve received generous salary and allowances while in the job and still want to collect it while they're at home with their feet up.

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