Scrutineer Training

Join us for Scrutineer Training!

Scrutineering the count of the votes is essential to ensuring the success of our campaign.

We know that skilled, professional and discrete scrutineers are what it takes to check and double check the votes and the counting on election night and the following days after. We need to ensure that every vote that should go to us, does.

For that reason, attending a Scrutineer Training is crucial for all Scrutineers. This is an event for experienced and first-time scruitineers. 

You will have some skill at the end of this training, to identify anomalies in the count, how people record their vote and if the preferences are flowing in the right direction.

March 08, 2018 at 6pm - 8pm
John Grant Luisa Umber David Levin Anthony Blond Thomas Blackman-Bishop Jeremy Graham Michael Gourlay Matthew Thomas

Will you come?