Batman: It's On!

Batman: It's On!

The Batman by-election has just been called for the 17th of March.  Early voting will open in just a few weeks.

Batman is the talk of the nation right now – it’s the Greens vs Labor in one of the tightest contests in federal politics. There are less than 1000 votes in it and we’re campaigning to win. 

The time is now! We need all hands on deck for the biggest, sharpest, grassroots campaign Victoria has ever run. 

Join us to get started in Batman!

This is your chance to meet Alex Bhathal and our Greens MPs, hear about the  Batman campaign and find out about the many ways you can help.

Come down to pick up a placard for your front yard and grab some materials to get the campaign rolling!

The Labor party is desperate and will be throwing all their big corporate donations at their campaign to cling onto Batman. But we have something more powerful: YOU.  

There will be a place for everyone, prior experience is not necessary and any available time is appreciated. 

We can win this. We can send Alex Bhathal to parliament give the people of Batman the representation that they deserve.

Will you join us? RSVP now!

February 11, 2018 at 1pm - 3pm
Arnaud Gallois Terry and deb Griffin Nicholas Litver Luke Ferguson Steve Barnett Hannah Lewis Jack Herriman Martin Wong Kylie Wilkinson Natalie Thomas Elizabeth Hoey Angelina Popovski Josh Mcfarlane Chris Barron Gary Hansell Naty Guerrero-Diaz Jeremy Press Ken W Simpson Tini Tot Jasmine Bedding Penny Mercoulia Chris Breen Melanie Delmonaco Carla Unger Jb Bernasconi Alexandra Bhathal Lawrence Chang Mitchell Bartley Syd Allen Connie Gibbons Kim Nolan Brent Turner Tim Hoffmann Simon Gibbs Kalimna Jackomos Kalimna Jackomos Hayden Williams Melanie Smith Sami Lambe Linda Eitelberg Yolande Mina Vivienne Blanksby Wendy DAwson April Clapham Emily Collins Giuseppe De Simone Claire Alleway Dèlon André Coutinho

Will you come?