Batman - Leafletting

We're turning Batman Green, but we need all hands on deck!

Can you help by dropping off leaflets in your suburb? 

Leaflets - what do you need to know? 

Why?  Leaflets are a great way to remind voters of the goals of The Greens and help get out message out there. 

How? We will set you up with leaflets and a walk list to help get Alex's face out there. We don't want to waste your time or use up excess paper and neither do we want to deliver leaflets to houses which have already received them so we won't need you to leaflet to every house, just the ones on the list. 

Getting started? Drop on into our office at 897 High Street, Thornbury. Pick up a walk list and a bundle of leaflets and you're good to go. Otherwise contact our walk list coordinator, or RSVP to this event and we'll be in contact help you get going.

June 06, 2016 at 7am - June 20, 2016
Ila Marks Lucas Evans John Wiseman Michael Leach Kim Pham Greg Serong Cathryn Grant Amber Stephens Tim Jacka Melinda Balkan Dawn Gould Joe Baini Anica Niepraschk Nicole Schlesinger Jo Lazzaro Janoel Liddy Ciska Burrie James Tresise

Will you come?