Campaign School

Format One: Four weekdays Monday – Thursday, 10am-6pm

  • July 7th – 10th (Melbourne)

Format Two: Two consecutive weekends, 10am-6pm

  • 31st May - 1st  June and 7th - 8th June (Melbourne)
  • 28th - 29th June and 5th - 6th July (Ballarat)

Format Three: Nine consecutive Tuesday evenings, 6-9pm

  • 3rd June – 29th July (Melbourne)
  • 5th August – 30th September (Melbourne)
Ever wanted to be a Campaign Manager or Field Organiser? Every wished you could do more than attend branch meetings or come to a door knock? Then come to the Greens Campaign School Intensive! Apply now!
Campaign School will be a intensive course (help over one week, or two weekens of nine consecutive Tuesday evenings) for experienced and inexperienced people alike, in preparation for the November 2014 State Election; focussing on managing a campaign, community organising Bandt style, and understanding how your branch can support your local campaign to its best ability. We will be bringing in expert speakers from around Australia to go over everything from fundraising, media, volunteer mobilisation, and election day coordination. Everything you need to know, and some of the things you didn’t realise too!
This course is highly recommended for all high level volunteers and Campaign Managers, but also anyone interested in stepping up and contributing towards the 2014 State Campaign. Places are limited, so apply now!
Experienced Greens campaigners and activists are also highly encouraged to come. Peer to peer learning and support across campaigns and branches is the only way we can ensure our new activists receive the ongoing mentorship and encouragement needed to become fully-fledged campaigners. Without this mentorship and support from our experienced campaigners, we cannot guarantee the ongoing viability of our movement. For this we need you.
Places are limited, and will be allocated to Greens Members as a priority; non-members will be allocated a place if there are any remaining available, so apply now
PS. Do you have a friend who you know would love to be involved in the Greens? Maybe this could be a way of getting them involved!

Costs and Logistics:

There are a limited number of places on the campaign training school.

The training week is free of charge. Applications are invited from Greens supporters (Greens members and non members) who are interested in supporting the Greens state election campaign.

Participants will be given a recommended list of articles to read prior to campaign school.


The curriculum will include;

  1. Introduction to campaigning.         
  2. Doing the Data: Win numbers and a data driven campaign.
  3.  Case study:The Melbourne Federal Election Campaign.
  4. Building a campaign team: Roles, challenges and success stories.
  5. Nation Builder: An introduction.
  6. Show me the money; fundraising like a Pro.
  7. Organising like Bandt 1: An introduction to organising: Attracting, retaining and motivating volunteers.   
  8. Organising like Bandt 2: Advanced organising: moving volunteers from participants to leaders.                 
  9. Organising like Bandt 3: Persuasive Conversations
  10. Telling our story: Story of Self
  11. Telling our Story: Story of Us and Now.
  12. Telling our story: developing your campaign speech.
  13. Polling day: campaigning, supporting volunteers and scrutineering.
Applications are welcome from members and supporters of the Greens. Places will be allocated to Greens Members as a priority; non-members will be allocated a place if there are any remaining available.
Unfortunately - to build a productive group learning environment - places in each campaign school will be limited. The selection criteria for being a participant in the campaign school are:
  1. Commitment to Greens values;
  2. Strong skill-set in campaign management or field organising;
  3. Spread of participants from across the state;
  4. Intention to play a role in the  2014 state election.

Applications closing times

Application can be made here and will be processed in batches, filling remaining places for each of the schools. Application closing dates are:
  • April 30th
  • May 30th
  • June 30th
  • July 20th


Can I just come to one part of the week?

The week is designed as a journey, with all sessions building on each other, therefore participants are invited to commit to the full week. Group learning is an important part of our training and we ask all members of each cohort to commit to attending all sessions. If you can't make the dates perhaps apply for a campaing school in the future where the dates suit.

Campaign School is designed as a cohort learning environment and participants are asked to commit to attending 80% of session within the school they enrol. Due to the intensive nature of the training there are limits to the number of people in each cohort and applications are essential.

What does being a Campaign Manger involve?
During the 2014 state election the Greens will have 96 local election campaigns. Each will require a candidate, a Campaign Manager, a lead local ‘organiser’, and many key volunteers. Each of these roles is voluntary and is supported by our State Office staff. There is no obligation on campaign school attendees to take up one of these roles. If you are interested we can introduce you to local campaign teams who are recruiting for key team members.  
What is the difference between the different formats?
Mostly just that they are held at different times to maximise participation. There will likely be different trainers at each but we won't be able to confirm the trainers until a few weeks before the school. 
Why is there a selection process?

To ensure a productive group learning environment we have limited numbers for each intake. That said we want as many members and supporters as possible to take part so we will be running more campaign schools throughout 2014 if there is a demand for it.

Four days training is just too much for me, is there anythign eles?
Yes of course. This intensive training may not suit everyone. We will also be holding many 'single' workshop during evenings and weekends. You can find details here.

What if my application is not successful?

When we finalise future dates we will contact those who we couldn’t fit into our previous schools and ask if you are available for our future dates. You won’t need to resubmit your application, we can look up your previous application.