There has got to be better things to spend millions of taxpayers' money on. 

ScoMo, current Prime Minister, and member for Cook, has announced a year of "celebrations" to mark James Cook's first voyage to Australia. It will cost us all $48.7 million. 

As part of this, $6.7 million will be used to build a replica of The Endeavour to re-create Cook’s circumnavigation around Australia.

There are a few problems with this, apart from it being a gigantic waste of money.

  1. The PM is spending $48.7 million on the guy that declared this land was terra nullius ("nobody's land") while Indigenous people across Australia face ongoing violence, ongoing theft, and ongoing discrimination.
  2. Cook never sailed around what we now know as Australia. He only explored the east coast... So while the government won’t do anything to recognise our history and #changethedate, it will put $6.7 million towards rewriting history.

Don't you reckon there are so many better ways to spend this money? 

We could:  

  • Complete the Treaty process. 
  • Create a compensation scheme for Victorian survivors of the Stolen Generation. 
  • Form a Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission to allow Aboriginal people to reveal the full truth about their history.
  • Change the bloody date! 

Sign now to tell Scott Morrison you want this money spent on actions that matter, actions that will bring our country together, rather than a $48.7 million vanity exercise. 


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