Change the Date

Aboriginal people have recognised January 26 as a day of mourning long before it became the national holiday it is today. It’s the day that their country was invaded, triggering the systematic dispossession of their lands and genocide against their people. To have part of the country celebrating while another is in mourning divides us on a day that should unite us.

The Victorian Government has the legislative power to change the date of Australia Day. That’s why we are calling on Premier Dan Andrews to lead other states in making the change.

Dear Premier Daniel Andrews,

The day this land was invaded is no day to celebrate. It was the start of genocide against the First Peoples of this Country and dispossesion of their lands. We can’t alter history, but we can learn from its mistakes. It’s time to tell the true history of our country and start the healing.

As Victorians we call upon you and the Victorian Government to take the necessary steps to help stop the pain and suffering of Aboriginal people brought on by celebrations on January 26.

We have so much to celebrate as Australians - our freedom, diversity, our values of mateship and a fair go, as well as our incredible lands. But we need a day for all Australians.

Let’s lead the way, Victoria. Change the date of Australia Day.


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