Choose Love Weekend of Action Celebration

It's been a huge couple of weeks for our marriage equality campaign, hundreds of volunteers have hit the streets encouraging people to choose love and vote yes.

This is an opportunity to celebrate the enormous effort of the past month. Together we've turned out the vote for Marriage Equality in a big way talking to thousands of yes voters and making sure they post their ballots on time. Its a huge effort for equality, so let's make sure we celebrate our efforts before heading into the next phase of our campaigns.

We'll share what is happening next for Marriage Equality AND our plan to win Northcote while we wait for the postal ballots to be counted.

As well as cheap drinks in a beautiful setting just of St George's road on the banks of the Merri, this is an opportunity to meet our incredible candidate for Northcote, Lidia Thorpe, who could be not only the first Aboriginal Greens MP, but also the first ever Aboriginal woman elected to Victorian Parliament!

Family friendly and open to all greens and supporters – hope to see you all there!

September 24, 2017 at 5pm - 8pm
Francis Ryan Scott Dealy Alex Breskin David Kelly Matt Williamson Rachel Laws Anica Niepraschk Gillian B Matthew Coller Mark Tregonning Anna Jenkins Marcella Brassett Mark Hadden Janeene Payne Helen Stagoll Mel Audrey Mary-Ann Parker Mark Blades Cass Stafford Paul Daly Dylan Kelly-Morgan Lee Gibbens Jason Ball Ollie Bennett Dan Cook Alexandra Bhathal Esther Kennedy Jordan Barnard Daniel Torcasio Miriam Solomon James Lascelles Abby Elisha Melissa Crotty Ben Ramcharan Naresh Bhalla Lynne Star Gary McPhedran Alannah Jakeman Emily Haren Caity Jakeman Ben Cronly

Will you come?