Torquay CSG Jeremy Buckingham

Residents from all around the region are invited to come along and hear special guest speakers from NSW and talk about their success with fighting the onshore gas industry - and winning! If you have family or friends who live and work on the land, or want to help keep the area safe from toxic gasfields, invite them to come along. 
Speakers include:
- David Quince, farmer and leading onshore gas campaigner from Tambar Springs NSW
- Jeremy Buckingham, NSW MP
- Ellen Sandell, Victorian MP
With the information being shared priceless, in our combined fight to keep Victoria gasfield free.

Everyone is welcome. Tea will be provided and there will be opportunities for community discussions

August 02, 2016 at 6pm - 8pm
John Kraft Shannon Brown Jake Nankervis Shalra Mewett Bernice Davies Jennifer Waddell Thomas Baker Ben Nunn Jane Gorman Jenny MacKenzie David Phillips Sarah Carroll Bruce Waddell Fiona McDonald Jeannie Brown Sue Gleeson Deni Collyer Brenda Roberts Tony Gleeson Rodney Day Michelle Piggott Anna Langford Andrew Meddick John Kelsall Frank Vagg Bernadette Parker Seona Gunn Richard Marks David Vaughan Mark Colley Elizabeth Ellen Gail Macrae Roland Maxwell Dick Danckert Debbie McIntyre Leah Eddy Clara Davies Rebecca Hull Gtfo Gtfo Christopher McNamara Marian Smedley Liz Bashford Sarah Mansfield Steph Amir Patchouli Paterson Eve Fisher Judy Cameron

Will you come?