Darebin Greens AGM 2017

We are developing this year's AGM for the Darebin Greens as a more fun social event, and an opportunity to come together as a branch for some well deserved socialising. As well as the usual reports and voting for office bearers and committees, there will be food, drinks and live music for the last hour or so while we are casting our vote. So come along, make your mark on a ballot paper and enjoy the afternoon with your fellow Darebin Greens.

In order for us to cater for everyone, all attendees are encouraged to RSVP below. If you also require child care, RSVP below and then complete this form to indicate how many children you are bringing with you who require child care. We will also email you a link to this form if you would like to RSVP and then confirm the child care details later.

August 05, 2017 at 2:30pm - 6pm
Petrina Barson Thomas Bell Anna Jenkins Michael Gourlay Keryn O'Sullivan Trent McCarthy Michael Beale Ada Conroy Katrina Sawyer Gordon Harrison Michael Little Campbell Gome Lidia Thorpe Zaccheus Evangelides Tom Hannan Adam Ingamells Flemming Lebech Nicola Watt Michael Korashi Susanne Newton David Kelly Andy Peisker Caity Jakeman Tony Canning xanya mamunya Ollie Bennett Luciano Furfaro Anna Crabb Sarah Russell Mischa Barr Deviani Segal Anica Niepraschk Shen Black Steph Amir Leslie Fraser Mohammad Helmy Keith Burrows Suzette Mitchell Olivia Greenwell Christine Banks Dan Cook Nina Crawley Mark Blades Alannah Jakeman Michael Alexander

Will you come?