Darebin's Big Doorknock to Fight Turnbull's Cuts - With Adam Bandt

During the Federal election more people in Darebin voted Green than any other party. The people of Darebin want to support people doing it tough and our renewable energy sector. 

Join Adam Bandt, Cr. Trent McCarthy and our candidates for local government elections, Kim Le Cerf, Steph Amir and Susanne Newton to speak to Darebin voters.

We know conversations are the most powerful tool we have to elect more Greens at every level of parliament. These conversations are even more important at the local level where we can't rely on the media to get our message out.  

September 11, 2016 at 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Jem Scout francis Ryan Tom Hannan Jacinta Richardson Natasa Sojic Jason Fernandez Gwen Arthur Adam Ingamells Benjamin Witkowski Alicia Flynn Mark Blades Kevin Phelan Shen Black Susanne Newton Nina Crawley

Will you come?