Data Systems Feedback Session

We are seeking feedback from people that have used any of our data systems during the federal or local council campaigns as a staff member or volunteer.

The workshop is an opportunity to give feedback that is specifically focused on our data systems. In particular, we will be looking at our systems around voter contact, volunteer engagement, mass communications and reporting & data analysis.

This workshop is part of a range of different ways for candidates, volunteers and campaign teams to debrief about their experience, share their achievements, evaluate the success of the campaign and provide recommendations for future campaigns.  

If you would like to provide input, but cannot make this session, please email your feedback related to data systems to

If you are interested in participating in more broad campaign feedback, we encourage you to:

  • Hold a debrief with your local campaign. Include your comments in your local campaign evaluation report.
  • Complete the volunteer survey (check your email in the next couple of days).
  • Attend the State-Wide Campaign Debrief Workshop.
November 03, 2016 at 6:30pm - 9pm
Matthew Goodman Cameron Lewis Michael Shenker Ben Ramcharan Tom Grindrod Samuel Poustie Josephine Maguire-Rosier Chris Kearney Liam Clancy Lachlan Rule Rosie Collins Polly Morgan Apsara Sabaratnam

Will you come?