Early Voting Blitz #StephforPorts Saturday Afternoon Lake Doorknock

Saturday 11 June marks 3 weeks until the election -- but we can’t wait until Election Day to talk to people about our plan for stronger action on global warming, safer pathways for people seeking asylum and a fairer tax system that benefits all Australians.

At least 30% of the electorate will cast their vote early via the post or at an early voting booth. Can you help us talk to undecided voters in Melbourne Ports before voting begins on Tuesday 14 June?

The Early Voting Blitz on 11-12 June will see us doorknocking running in the morning and afternoon across Saturday and Sunday. Join us to make history in Melbourne Ports at this election!

June 11, 2016 at 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Roderick Carmichael Jonathan Bertram Ingmar Wahlqvist Mauro Mazzerioli John lyons Michael Loughnan Geoffrey Dodd Lucas Eldridge Peter Moraitis Ogy Simic Walt Isaacson Claire Proctor Maxwell Colson meredith jelbart Roy Shachori Bruce Wyatt David Doe Vitas Anderson Todd Levi Katherine Copsey Miriam Orwin Sophie Connor Megan McLeod Colin Smith Peter Forell Dante Kurth Mitchell Edgeworth David Feith

Will you come?