Victoria's recycling is stuck in limboThe good news? There is a way to fix it. 

China won’t take our waste anymore and we don’t have an adequate industry of our own. Recycling companies have been stockpiling materials creating a huge fire risk.

But Victoria could build an industry that creates local jobs and leads our society in transforming waste, not trashing it. How?

  1. Create a Victorian recycling industry and require packaging in our state to include recycled content.
  2. Introduce a Container Deposit Scheme that will give Victorians a 10 cent refund on bottles and cans.
  3. Ban unnecessary single use plastics that are clogging our oceans, parks and streets.
  4. Fund state-wide kerbside food and garden waste collection for organic composting, not landfill.

Add your voice to the call to fix our waste crisis.

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