Right now, Victoria has nowhere to send its recycling.

China won’t take it anymore and we don’t have an adequate industry of our own. Recycling companies have been stockpiling materials, not knowing what to do with it, creating a huge fire risk.

For weeks, some councils were forced to ask people to stop filling their recycling bins or dump recycling in landfill. We can do better. And we must.

The good news is that there is a way to fix it.

Right now, Daniel Andrews’ Labor Government has a $500 million Sustainability Fund, collected from the fees that councils pay when they send rubbish to landfill. But instead of using this Sustainability Fund to fix the waste crisis, the Labor Government is using it to prop up their budget.

Well, we won’t stand for it! 

We're calling on Daniel Andrews' Labor Government to take responsibility for this crisis and fix it once and for all.  

The government can use this $500 million fund to:

  1. Build a Victorian recycling industry and require Victorian packaging to include recycled content. This will create new jobs and industry and establish Victoria as Australia's leading state for recycling - instead of the one in crisis.
  2. Introduce a scheme that will give Victorians a refund on bottles and cans (called a container deposit scheme) - like SA and NSW has - so bottles and cans can be directed to where they should go - recycling not landfill!
  3. Ban unnecessary single-use plastics - like the European Union has just done - to stop our oceans being clogged with plastic.

It’s time for change. We can use this waste crisis as an opportunity - to create new local jobs and industries and transform our society to one that’s a lot more sustainable. Check out our detailed plan here

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