Flinders Campaign Launch for Willisa Hogarth

What do you do when your birthday is mid-campaign? Have a party of course! Come and celebrate with me, my family and our wonderful Greens community! Featuring special guest speakers,afternoon tea and of course cake!

May 29, 2016 at 2pm - 4pm
Trevor Osburn Susan Stoner Ross Fairhurst Charisma Taylor Jo Davey Jasmine Wigley Mitchell Dye Carina Victoria Elise Klein Ian Thrussell Liv Killeen John Humphrey Ben and Ana Grayson Sascha Harder Craig Thomson David Weinstein Paul Saunders Chris Atmore Rupert Steiner Sheila Hogarth Kelvin Stingel Tara Hogarth Erin Machar Chris Jobe Leah Osburn Monalisa Maria Ingels Tara O'Toole Belinda Rogers Shirley Hynes Jeremy Hogarth Willisa Hogarth

Will you come?