A Greens Future of Work Forum

The Future of Work is uncertain. Employment has been the social institution that was meant to remedy economic insecurity for individuals and households. However, this is dramatically changing: the current economic system is unable to provide full and dignified work for all; automation is rapidly reducing the need for human labour; collaborative technologies are creating a globally connected and mobile workforce; and “on-demand” and “gig economy” platforms are breaking down full-time roles into tasks.
Australia needs new ideas, strategies and institutions to meet the challenges and capture the opportunities of the future of work.

Join us to discuss a "Greens Future of Work".
Adam Bandt MP and a State Greens MP will share their perspectives. 
Anna Crabb and Dr Elise Klein will moderate the discussion.
Make time to read through this informative discussion paper to get the most out of the Forum (https://members.greens.org.au/node/5764) and share your feedback via Slack (https://futureofworkagv.slack.com/).
April 21, 2018 at 9:45am - 12:30pm
Leon Zembekis Michael Thwaites Satu Aho Earl James Liz Denborough Lars Lindahl Pat O'Mahony Thomas Sounness Elise Jane Michael Gunter Justin McCarthy Jéremié Tøng Ben Ramcharan Josh McGee Jason Fernandez Mary Sweeney Barbara Williams Liam Kay Anna Crabb

Will you come?