Free West Papua Campaign 2018 Update with Benny Wenda and Richard Di Natale

Join Benny Wenda at the Free West Papua Campaign 2018 Update and Planning Evening in Melbourne, directly from the Chairman of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.

We are aiming to have as many Free West Papua Campaign friends, families and supporters as possible at this very important event. 2018 will be a vital year in developing and extending our Free West Papua Campaign networks and support. Given that the petition calling for an internationally supervised vote for an independent West Papua reached the United Nations Decolonisation Comittee in 2017, we must take this opportunity to maximise the momentum towards a free West Papua. In August 2017 six young British swimmers covered a 69km journey up the length of Lake Geneva. They carried with them the petition of the people of West Papua and the cries of a nation in waiting. Banned by the Government of Indonesia, the West Papuan Peoples’ Petition demanded an internationally supervised vote and the human right to self-determination. Smuggled between villages, 1.8 million (over 70% of the indigenous population) West Papuans signed the banned petition in our largest show of support for a referendum on independence. The act of 'Free Choice' in July 1969 was a sham, where 1,025 Indigenous West Papuan men and women were threatened and directed how to vote by a show of hands. The event was noted by the United Nations in General Assembly resolution 2505 (XXIV), without qualification as to whether it complied with the authorising New York Agreement, and without qualification as to whether it was a legitimate act of "self-determination", as referred to and described in United National General Assembly resolutions 1514 and 1541 (XV) respectively.

Next month Benny Wenda will be returning to his home in exile, having been visiting the South Pacific for ULMWP meetings. He will be stopping in Melbourne specifically for this event and to meet with Melbourne’s West Papuan community. Following his talk there will be a Q&A session with other Free West Papua Campaign activists Jacob Rumbiak and Ronny Kareni, West Papuan singing and dance performances and West Papuan food to enjoy. 

Please come to hear the words of Benny Wenda, who has been living in exile in England for 14 years, since his escape as a political prisoner in 2003.

Find the event on Facebook here. 

February 03, 2018 at 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Scout Burns-Williamson Oliver Allis Helen Hill Joe Wally Faye Gregson Raine Cilicia Emma Murphy Julie Bain Jacob Andrewartha Criostoir O'hAodha Anna Connor Seamus Domenico Kate ten Buuren Heather Smith Izzy Brown Jarryd Allan Stu Harrison Petra Rumwaropen Insos Lele Alejandra Diaz Lucho Riquelme Tullé Sadudeen Hassan Adam Jacynta Louise Ishvani Proietto Jemima Amery-Gale Lucius Itlay Neika Leurenna W Lehman Janice Catherall Dame JillyvonKopfvol Annie Mcloughlin Emil Wainggai Lisa Waup Eben Kirksey Rifkin W. Kaloran Keyah Edwer Sue Bolton Deb Chapman Katharine He Phoebe Gavine David Murib Dax Cathryn Murdoch Michelle Samkakai Janet Mckinnon Kieran Mcdonald Yas Kai Lomai Paulo Almeida Herry Lagowan Lisbeth Latham

Will you come?