Gaffney St Backroom Setup (AKA Moreland HQ)

Remember way back when, the amazing things we did together for the Wills campaign including packing down the HQ into tubs and piles at Gaffney St?

Well its time for a phoenix to rise from the ashes and be recreated to breathe life into the #LocalGreens campaign.

Join us as we lovingly reopen the tubs and reorganise the space in the Backroom at Gaffney so it may serve as a new HQ where we can endeavour to see our numbers doubled on Moreland council this October.


Yep, we need to have a massive clean up, sort out and set up at the Backroom at Gaffney, Council campaign

Be there from 3pm on September 1st.

#LocalGreens #MakeHistoryMoreland

September 01, 2016 at 3pm - 7pm
Fionella Metcalfe Alex McGilvray Lenka Thompson Ben Hickey Nat Abboud

Will you come?