Geelong Leadership and Planning Day

With you, we have our best ever chance of getting a Green elected to the Council’s central ward, Brownbill. You’ve run some incredible campaigns in the past. And now it’s time to have your values represented on Council.

This day will have sessions on talking to voters, organising volunteers, using social media to spread your message and managing the logistics of a campaign, this workshop will be an essential milestone on the road to victory.

This day will be an opportunity to gain more skills and also a chance to plan together as a team.

Bring along a pen, notepad and lunch or money to buy it. Morning and afternoon tea will be provided 


August 26, 2017 at 10am - 5pm
Susan Meyer Tim Harte Sarah Mansfield Libby Smith Jarred Crowe Glen White Glenys Parslow Elizabeth Ellen

Will you come?