Victorian Labor just announced instead of ending animal cruelty, Labor just announced they'll spend $4 million on greyhound racing.

An estimated 18,000 healthy greyhounds are killed in Australia each year – and now Daniel Andrews thinks he can win votes by continuing the races. 

For years, Labor and the Liberals have accepted huge donations from the gaming industry, and it's starting to show how much they are listening to their corporate mates instead of all of us. 

The Victorian Government must:
  1. Put an end to greyhound racing as soon as possible;
  2. Create a welfare plan for the future of greyhounds currently housed in the industry;
  3. Implement a just plan for trainers and other workers to transition to other employment.

Greyhound racing has no place in our state. Please listen to the concerns of experts and the general community and end greyhound racing in Victoria. Add your name today.

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