#TeamJason Bring It Home Briefing: Our 7 Week Sprint!

The Election is on! We have 7 weeks to bring it home.

It's now or never. Come and join us, for a 30min briefing and learn how you could be the difference in our people powered campaign. If not you then who? If not now then when?

After our briefing join Richard Di Natale, Jason and one of our teams talking to voters across the electorate. After our first full day on the campaign trail together we'll be gathering for a debrief drink at 6pm back at our shiny new campaign office with the wonderful Senator Sarah Hanson-Young. 

May 14, 2016 at 10:30am - 11am
Caitlin Moran Michael Gough Barbara Loh Scott King Melissa Maguire Diana Crombie Tal Fitzpatrick Beryl Langer Barbara Griffiths Helen Gibson David Pepperell Cassia Menkhorst Adam Gilbert Terence Steele Alison Markwick Eve Tocker-McMillan John Jacobs Brett Willis Caleb Bloomer Nick Chester James Haigh Ovi Rajasinghe Oliver Wharington Liza Cox Michael Howlett Colin Blum Mary Mahoney Robert Frewin Gill Read Ralph Frank Vanda Fletcher Miriam Crellin Lex Lloyd Sue Adams Lisa Wells Nina Campbell Jason Ball john neve Michael Bauer Tara Josem William Summers Cass Stafford

Will you come?