#TeamJason Doorknock Glen Iris & Malvern East

Come for a fun afternoon with the team! Food and moral support provided. Plus, if you haven't doorknocked before, training will be provided too!

Don't forget to bring your friends and have a fun afternoon. Please also remember to wear comfy shoes, and have a hearty meal beforehand - door knocking works up an appetite!

We try to make our events as accessible as possible. We need your help with this, as we don’t know what accessible means for you. Please get in contact with our event organiser if you have any feedback on how we can run the most inclusive campaign possible.

April 16, 2016 at 12pm - 3pm
Clare Pilcher Bill Hampel Binara Ratnayake Kerry Johannes James Champion Hanna Navissi Andrew Bates Christiane Wohlan Kathie Farn Polly Morgan

Will you come?