#TeamJason Polling Booth Strategy

We know that more than 30% of voters won't make up their mind on who they are voting for until they get to the booth. We also know that this year, more than half of all voters will be voting before election day - at propelling booths.

This training will give you the tips and training required to effectively catch people's attention as they walk into the polling booth. Your skill and tenacity could make the difference between a Vote 1 Green or donkey vote!

June 29, 2016 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Josh Gould Mae Oakley Mukesh Sanghavi Emily Selig Georgina Lewis Nikki Muratti Shamus Ingram Eleni Bailey Gillian Ednie Derek Korte Jason Rudaizky Dana Affleck Barry Crisp Callum Vidor Harry Smithers Despina Handolias Tatiana Stojanovich Lucy Gilligan Emily Edwards Sam Turner Naomi Crafti Sophie Mcnamara Rakesh Singh Lisa Wells Malcolm Wrest Fiona Evans Robert Taylor Christine Dennison
Sorry, this event is sold out.