Huong Truong MP - First Speech

Huong Truong - your voice in the west

As the first Vietnamese-Australian woman to be sworn into Parliament, Huong will be delivering her first speech. 

All attendees need to be seated by 5.15pm. Please arrive early to allow time to go through security. 

There are only a very limited number of places inside the gallery itself so we will live stream the speech into the Queen's Hall inside Parliament House so that everyone can participate in this wonderful occasion. In addition, we will select a number people at random to sit in the gallery with family.

WHEN: Wed 7th March, 4:30pm
WHERE: Parliament of Victoria, Spring Street, Melbourne

STREAM Huong's First Speech LIVE here: 'Council Live Broadcast'

March 07, 2018 at 4:30pm - 6pm
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Will you come?