Isaacs Politics in the Pub

With things reaching a boiling point Federally, the prospect of a Double Dissolution happening on the 2nd of July is pretty much set. It's time to bring everyone together and get started on a real campaign out in the South East! Where better to start than at a pub?

This is going to be our kick off in Isaacs. Through the work done on the journey of this campaign, we will build the capacity to get voters, supporters and volunteers on board. This is the start to electing Greens into government here! But I need your help.

Come by, grab a pint, talk about politics with some easy going Greens and let's get this campaign started!

Admission is $10 concession and $20 general admission. Food will be provided

Book now through trybooking:

April 29, 2016 at 7pm - 10pm
Matilda Monagle Stefanie Bauer Nhat Nguyen Jenny Frieden Nina Springle Matthew Kirwan jeanette Swain Jake Tilton Ky Du Mary Khey john neve Erin Laver Alex Breskin Ian Shepherd

Will you come?