Jagajaga 2016 Ivanhoe Doorknock

We know that conversations are the most powerful way to connect with voters, ask them to support The Greens on the issues that matter and increase the Green vote in Jagajaga.

This is your last chance to doorknock in Jagajaga with us during the 2016 campaign! Our wonderful candidate, Hugh McKinnon, will be there. Come and meet him (and learn from the expert in doorknocking!).

Training will be provided on the day, and you will be well supported by your fellow Jagajaga volunteers.

Please feel free to share this page and the associated Facebook event (which is here).

June 25, 2016 at 2pm - 4:30pm
Rowena Beecham Helen Pereira Peter Castaldo Tim Davis Don Stokes Hugh McKinnon Paul Kennedy Andrew Conley Brent Turner

Will you come?