Training for Lead Scrutineers


Every council election there are Greens candidates that lose by fewer than 100 votes. This election most councils will not have a preliminary count which means that we need scrutineers in every council across the State. If you think your election will be close, it is time to identify and recruit a Lead Scrutineer and attend training to prepare for the role. 


This training will equip the Lead Scrutineers to train and support a scrutineering team in your local area and includes:

  • How to identify formal/informal votes
  • Advanced scrutineering strategy
  • Capturing data 
  • Training scrutineers 
  • Supporting a local scrutineer team 

About the role

As a lead scrutineer, you will ideally be at the count full time for the week after the election and possibly some of the second week. You will also need to be calm, a good leader and have the technical voting knowledge, emotional intelligence and confidence to change the local Returning Officers mind about where unclear votes should go. 

October 15, 2016 at 11am - 3pm
Jenny Henty Lachlan Rule Mark Blades Nina Crawley Beck Sheffield-Brotherton

Will you come?