Leadership Program 2016_May event


Running Successful Events


It’s an exciting time of year, with budgets, elections, end of semester and the slow creep of cooler weather. All of these things mean that if you are planning an event you will need to take greater care to ensure it isn’t vulnerable to distractions which are out of your control.

This session is perfect for those working on community, social or environmental campaigns and for those running clubs at uni and elsewhere. 

Topics to include: Event planning and coordination, recruitment, logistics, deciphering the aim of your event (volunteer or club engagement v fundraising for your cause v media), timelines, run sheet for on the night, media/social media before and after the event. 

May 26, 2016 at 6pm - 8pm
Oliver Brown Marcus Power Marie-Anne Cooper Rob Tobin Sameen Shahid Shehla Rizvi Leo Prestia Aziz Omar Chris Leslie Hamish Christie Simon Crawford Rebekah Smyth Jess Dorney Emma Byrne

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