Placard and Recruitment Coordinator Training

This training is designed to train Data, Placard and Recruitment Coordinators that are intending on using NationBuilder to organise their volunteer engagement and placard distribution (might not be relevant for smaller campaigns).

In these specific campaigns, harnessing the full capabilities of NationBuilder will be crucial to ensure large numbers of Greens Councillors are elected. 

In NationBuilder the training will specifically look at:

  • creating lists that can be used for volunteer recruitment,
  • creating lists for placard hosting recruitment,
  • using the path for placard distribution,
  • creating and exporting distribution lists.

These lists can then be exported for use in Spoke - SMS conversations. The Spoke credit order form for Spoke is here.

Once you have authorised Spoke spending, you should then use this form to finalise your Spoke order

The training will also cover non-NationBuilder aspects of the process including placard distribution role delegation.

This training will be run online and the meeting code sent to RSVPs.


September 03, 2020 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm




Matt Baker ·

16 people are coming

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