From Liberal to Green with Michael Berkman and Sam Hibbins

Michael Berkman, Clare Quinn and Sam Hibbins

The future of the Greens is increasingly a three way battle in electorates where the Greens can overtake Labor and win a seat from the Liberals. 

Join Victorian Greens State Director Clare Quinn for an informal Q&A with Sam Hibbins, the first Greens MP to win a seat off the Liberals, and Michael Berkman, Queenslands first Greens MP. 

Drinks will be available at low prices and snack food will be provided. 

Spaces are limited so RSVP to confirm your space now. 

February 24, 2018 at 6pm - 9pm
James Williams Paul Le Poidevin Robert Szabo Thomas McKenzie-McHarg Edward Krutsch Tim Baxter Sami Lambe Rose Read Nicole Gunn Justin McCarthy Matthew Goodman Zaccheus Evangelides Sean Weatherly Steph Wulf Polly Morgan Dinesh Mathew Lachlan Mackenzie Elizabeth King Rachel Laws Jason Fernandez Jason Fernandez Ben Cronly

Will you come?