A Liveable Melbourne Ports with Scott Ludlam

Scott is headed our way this month to explore a Liveable Melbourne Ports -- and you’re invited.


How can we accommodate Melbourne Ports’ anticipated population growth, without destroying our suburbs, heritage treasures, coastline, green spaces and character that we love?

How can we provide more affordable housing where people want to live - near work, schools, shops and entertainment?

How do we reduce traffic congestion, diesel pollution, car dependence and make public transport more efficient and convenient?

Scott explored these questions in his award winning ‘Transforming Perth’ initiative, and is now joining us to discuss how Melbourne Ports can position itself as a truly liveable and resilient city in the 21st century. Will you join us at this free event?

Melbourne Ports is growing fast, and our success in meeting the twin pressures of rapid growth and climate change will require resourcefulness, creativity, and economic viability.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet one of the Greens’ most dynamic and strategic thinkers - Scott Ludlam.

The Greens stand for innovation, community and future-thinking. We are up to the challenge. Are you with us?


May 15, 2016 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Will you come?