Many Colours of the Rainbow


LGBTIQ people from multicultural or multi-faith backgrounds often face additional challenges around coming out, family acceptance and support from within their own communities. What are the barriers to culturally and linguistically diverse people supporting LGBTIQ rights? How can we promote acceptance of LGBTIQ rights amongst people of faith?

This Midsumma Festival, join Sam Hibbins MP and other special guests at Chapel Off Chapel for a panel discussion and mixer on the challenges we face and the next steps on the path to LGBTIQ equality.

January 23, 2017 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Elise Pratesi Ella Birt Steven Aquilina Georgina Whitby Alexandra Bhathal Shane Woon Ella Buczak shannon power Deb Dean Pam Papadopoulos Gary Hull Matthew Wade Simon Lord Amirul Nasir Blair Purvis Sarah Thistle Gary Dyer Sean Weatherly Isabella Penzi William Eicholtz Robert Williams Alexis Desaulniers-Lea Anne Bowen Athi Kokonis Apsara Sabaratnam Ben Ramcharan David Brown Claudine Chionh Linette Hawkins Paul Le Poidevin kelly goding Michele Ricchetti Nina Springle Liz Charles stephanie seeger Timothy Jones Timothy Jones Lei-Lani Terrell Sue Jackel Rose Read Mette Nielsen Max Ottaway Stuart Richards Rachel Laws Tim Hoffmann xanya mamunya Brenda O'Sullivan john neve

Will you come?