Snap Meeting: Choose Love, Vote Yes for Marriage Equality

Image: vote yes for marriage equality

The countdown is on: enrolment for the upcoming marriage equality postal plebiscite closes on August 24.

On Thursday night, we are holding a snap meeting to share with you our plan to hit the streets this weekend to stand with our friends in the LGBTIQ community to get people on the electoral roll. We’re going to need all hands on deck.

Thousands of first-time voters have already registered to vote in the government’s dodgy postal plebiscite, but we need more to make sure Australia chooses love and votes yes.

This Thursday, you can help us stand up and fight for equality and basic human rights. RSVP now to join us. 


August 17, 2017 at 6pm - 7:30pm
Wilson Fabian Prieto Rivera Toby Heiniger James Cooper Crissy McFly Sammy Dee Alistair John Walsh Kathleen Maltzahn Jerry Adams Rob McLeod Penny Mercoulia Simon Gibbs Maddie Jayne Jason Williams Claudine Chionh Sam Blake Val Bucky Barbosa David Mejia-Canales Jewoo Kim Zachary Aidan Furong Sammy Wang Nicole Halls Isaiah Awichi Nicole McIntosh Cass Stafford Emmy Farmer Incubator Henry Wu Lee Gibbens Dan Cook Jared Jenkins Matilda Colebrook Bre Sartori Apsara Sabaratnam Louise Fumberger Shek Flanagan Polly Morgan Imogen Telfer Bek Pasqualini Ben Withers Kayla Sharp Georgia Webster Chris Sharkey Mitchell Lennard Mike Scott Keith Oehme Mia Mussett Brandt McCook Ben Clifton Amber Hae Hae

Will you come?