Choose Love Weekend of Action - Preston Doorknock

The Greens are working alongside the marriage equality movement to call on all Australians who understand that love is love to join our campaign to Vote YES!

The majority of Australian's support Marriage Equality and here in Melbourne we have the strongest support in the country. But we need to make sure that everyone chooses LOVE and votes YES! 

We know that conversations are the best way to motivate people to take action. Join us this weekend, as we flood the streets to have conversations with people in Preston about love and ensure they fill out their ballot and vote for equality.

During this time, we need to make sure we are caring for one another. Make sure you check in with others to ensure they are feeling okay. We know we're stronger when we come together. Join the campaign - Choose LOVE and vote YES!

We will be doorknocking in Preston 10am-1pm. Join us for  and help get out the YES Vote!

September 24, 2017 at 10am - 1pm
Erin Macfarlane Julian Florance Alexandra Bhathal Georgia Friend Kyle Evans Jeremy Graham Ben Cronly Georgia Miller Lance Sinclair

Will you come?