Choose Love Phonebank at Richard's Office

The countdown is on: just days remain to get equality supporters to enrol or update their details in readiness for voting YES!

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, we’re taking it to the next level - we will be calling our supporters to ensure they have updated their enrolment and are ready to vote yes. To reach everyone before enrolment closes, we’re going to need all hands on deck.

Please bring a laptop to use if you have one. 


August 23, 2017 at 6pm - 8pm
Louise Sampson Kobi Jae Bill O'Loughlin Amalie O'Hara Claire Proctor Steph Brotchie Michael Gurner Joshua Briers Mark Hadden Kieran Mckernan Chamali Egodagamage Tim Michaluk Tim Fraser Andrew Morison Mike Harrison Adam Slevison Kelly Hancocks Ash Andersen Michelle Millard Wesley Gardner Kate Phillips Lois Matthews David Gentle Leigh Naunton Jess Dorney Lucy Bongiovanni Charis Bury Cass Stafford Claudine Chionh Rachel Laws Angus McAlpine Ben Withers Wilson Fabian Prieto Rivera

Will you come?