Moreland Greens member

Welcome new members to the Moreland Greens! You’ve made a good choice: you’re now officially a member of one of the biggest (and best) Greens branches across the country! We’re a passionate community fighting together for our shared values and our vision for a more sustainable and equal community -- across Moreland, Victoria and all of Australia.

Come along to our New Members Night to meet your fellow members, learn more about the Greens, our history and how you can be involved in our work and community -- including in our fight to win the seats of Brunswick and Wills at the upcoming elections. You’ll also hear from longtime community campaigner and Greens Senator for Victoria Janet Rice, as well as some of our sitting Greens Moreland Councillors, like Samantha Ratnam.

RSVP now and get in touch with Adam Pulford on 0424 885 387 or Katie Lovelock on 0409 306 669.

June 27, 2017 at 7pm - 8pm
Edmond Kennedy Rasheed Elachkar Sean Kenny Margaret Noble katie Lovelock Callum Simpson Adam Pulford

Will you come?