Moreland Politics in the Pub

Politics in a pub - how else would you spend your Sunday evening! 

With two weeks left until election day, let's come together, support and have a drink with the fantastic candidates running for the Greens in the Moreland Council Election! 

Samantha Ratnam (Councillor and Mayor of Moreland City Council), Janet Rice (Former Maribyrnong City Councillor and Victorian Representative in the Australian Senator), Kathleen Maltzan (Former Yarra City Councillor and Candidate for Richmond) and Peter Christoff (Political Scientist and Founding Member of Victorian Greens) will be speaking on the topic of: 

'the flow on effects of having strong, Green representatives in Council, on other levels of Government.' 

After the panel, feel free to stick around for informal drinks and dinner with the candidates, panellists and other supporters of the Greens!  

October 09, 2016 at 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Will you come?