Moreland South Ward Letterbox!

Local government is important! This October, the Greens stand to double the amount of councillors we have on Moreland council. It's through your support that we're going to get there.

Visibility is crucial, and the best way of getting fantastic candidates seen by voters is to get a flyer in every letterbox in Moreland. That's a lot of letterboxes! Around $16,000 of postage and envelopes worth of letterboxes, to be precise. We don't have that kind of money... but we DO have a lot of passionate people power - people like you and me.

That's where you come in: will you join the Moreland Marathon and help us hit the streets on October 2nd? Your feet on the pavement, even just for an hour or two, could be worth sixteen thousand dollars!

Bring headphones, bring a dog, bring a friend, or just bring a sunny disposition. There'll be social events afterwards if you're inclined to unwind or to meet some new friends! See you then! 



October 16, 2016 at 11am - 2pm
Jake Wishart Angela Palombo Sophie Rhule Mark Riley Tom McLean Jo Connellan Charles Colman Liz Sharman Julian Petito Thomas Anderson Nic Dolby Joanna Pankhurst Tom Worsnop

Will you come?