Moreland South Ward Neighbourhood Team Meeting

In October’s council elections, we have the chance to elect four Greens into office. We can shift the balance of power on Moreland Council, we can change the agenda and get local government to stand up on the things we care about: action on climate change, compassion for people seeking asylum, an end to discrimination, a fair, democratic planning system.

Samantha Ratnam our current Mayor, Mark Riley and Jess Dorney, have extensive experience working in the local Moreland community and beyond.

A strong Greens presence at the local level is also part of our plan to build towards the next State and Federal elections. It’s how we’ll turn Brunswick and Wills Green in the coming years, from the grassroots up. That’s what makes this council election so important.

In this meeting we will develop our plan for the next six weeks to elect Mark and Jess and to re-elect Sam to council. 



September 05, 2016 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Will you come?