The most exciting Party of 2016.

Join the Victorian Young Greens, Adam Bandt MP and Senator Janet Rice as they host a panel discussion with inner city candidates Samantha Ratnam (Wills), Alex Bathal (Batman), Jason Ball (Higgins) and Steph Hodgsons-May (Melbourne Ports) for a panel discussion where they’ll share their vision for a fairer, cleaner Australia in 2016 and beyond.
You'll have the chance to meet your favourite MP's and Greens candidates from your local area. We’ll discuss, debate and ask questions about how the Greens are tackling the urgent challenges of our time, so young people can inherit a society we can all be proud of. You'll find out how you can get involved with the Greens and stand up for what matters this election year.
March 11, 2016 at 6pm - 9pm
James Searle Alex O'Brien Caroline Beuth Lachlan Lyons Lukas Nomeolvides Sophie Rhule Brendan Fisher Lukas Siegritz Rebecca Hyland Yi-chan Chiang Poppy PAraw Millie Fuller Angus Stirling Madeline Bailey Shen Black Mark Blades Hanna Navissi Yasemin Shamsili Steven Nathan Paxton Lisa Paris Mordecar Justin McPhee Conrad Maclean Yow Wen Kyle Eleisha Kubale Ben Halford Lotus Hackenberger Cover Carlisle Fahad Alarifi Jack Edwards Henry Winter Abdul Wasay Sara Wang Holl Walsh Paige Walker Daniel Toole Gareth Thomson John Sullivan Kathryn Sulivan Matilda Stevenson Bela Sozmro Ankur Rastogi Bailey Pyman Lucy Pollard Dominic Phillips Isobel Monie

Will you come?