Office Bearer Induction, Training and Planning day

Join us on Sunday 4th September at the Office Bearer Induction, Training and Planning day. This will be the first training session for all of our newly elected branch office bearers and it will be a great opportunity to meet other members of the party.

Who should attend?
- State councillors
- State office bearers
- Branch office bearers
- Committee office bearers and members
- Working group office bearers and members

The theme of the day will be Inclusiveness: How to create diverse and welcoming branches.

We are pleased to announce our plenary session on Inclusiveness will be presented by the following members of the Queer Greens Victoria:

  • Steph Amir was inaugural convenor of Queer Greens Victoria, she’s the Greens candidate for the Cazaly Ward in Darebin City and the Policy & Campaign Advisor for Ellen Sandell.
  • Sean Mulcahy is the Rainbow Project Officer for the Victorian Local Governance Association and Co-Convenor of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby

This day provides intensive training to enable you to carry out your role in the party – we encourage all office bearers to attend as a core part of their role. Please RSVP so we know you’re coming.

September 04, 2016 at 9:30am - 5pm
Dilara Ozer cameron anderson Kate Noble David Mejia-Canales Amber Forbes Derek Wilson Scott Adair-Coss Judy Cameron Harry Hicks Mark McNamara Kerry Johannes Tom McLean Wendy Smith Colin Smith Brenda Roberts meredith jelbart Virginia Watson Niels Endres Jillian Verhardt Tony Canning Bob Muntz Steven Merriel Clare O'Hanlon Paul Le Poidevin Donna Lancaster Alana Reader Lisa Maza Susan Meyer John Bowman Beth Koch Janet Shelley Susan Pepper Cathy McDonald Hayden Park Ollie Bennett Ben Cronly

Will you come?