We want everyone to be safe.

The Victorian Greens were the first to introduce pill testing legislation into the Victorian Parliament, but the Andrews Government didn't support it. We're calling on them to reconsider.

Pill testing is an evidence-based approach to harm reduction that keeps people safe.

It's an opportunity for trained counsellors to educate users at the point of consumption. A drug dealer is unlikely to tell their customers that common anti-depressants increase the risk of MDMA toxicity, whereas health professionals providing pill testing services will freely provide this information, and much more, to ensure people are safe. This is the true value of pill testing. 

But despite the evidence, from Europe, and North America, the Andrews Labor government is refusing to introduce pill testing, or even have a trial. This is putting lives at risk.

That's why we, medical professionals and many young Australians are calling for safety to be put first.  

We know that most people choose to throw out their drugs when high quality, laboratory standard pill testing shows that they contain particularly harmful substances.

Laboratory pill testing is supported by the Australian Medical Association, Royal Australasian College of Physicians, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, former police commissioners and multiple corrections and legal experts. This list grows every day! 

It’s already been happening in Europe for over 20 years. Victoria is seriously lagging behind, and people are dying because of it.

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