We want everyone to be safe.

Policing has not, and will not, stop some young people choosing to take drugs. If pill testing and other harm minimisation measures were in place we wouldn't hear about the tragic deaths that seem to happen so often.

But despite the evidence, the Labor government is refusing to introduce pill testing – putting lives at risk. That's why we're calling for safety to be put first.  

The Victorian Greens have been advocating for years to legalise pill testing in Victoria. With so many deaths this year, we are again ramping up our efforts.

We know that most people choose to throw out their drugs when high quality, laboratory standard pill testing shows that they contain particularly harmful substances.

Laboratory pill testing is supported by former police commissioners, and corrections, legal, medical experts around the country. It’s been happening in Europe for more than a decade.

Victoria is seriously lagging behind, and people are dying because of it.

We’re determined to make this happen because at the end of the day this is about people’s health and keeping people safe.

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