Pride March with Queer Greens

Image: Queer Greens at Pride 2017

Pride March is the key public celebration of LGBTIQ culture, and we'll be marching under the Queer Greens Victoria banner to show that the Greens are fighting for the rights of LGBTIQ Victorians.

Together in 2017 we took on a damaging, divisive and costly public survey on our rights. And we won. 

Join us in marching to celebrate how far we have come and how much we have achieved - and to show that we won't  be going anywhere until we have full equality and acceptance. 

We'll assemble from 12:30pm at the Corner of Fitzroy St & Lakeside Dr, St Kilda before we march with Pride.


January 28, 2018 at 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Matthias Wintergarden Mil Batchelor Bryon Willoughby Carole Arbuckle Madelyn Suzuki Hannah Lewis Thomas Bell Matt Lowe Kiern Lim Mark Linsley Michael Ruputta Peter Viverito Dawn Richards Tessa McHugh Steve Inguanti Kat Noonan Darryl Gauld William Kilby Purple Pettit Roger Wyatt Kam Coon Sheryle Netherton Nicole Mary Bourke Gwen Tan Brendan Toohey Boyle Tanche L Dingovski paul carrick Rosemary Glaisher Thomas Sounness Jason Fernandez Jodie Kinnersley Jess Gonsalvez Mike Scott Jasmyn Sheppard Bahha Saab Scott Dealy andy miller Stacey Elliot Sebastian Stocks Lawrence Chang Steven Merriel Frances Webber Bridie O'Dare Charlie Allen Tori Page Darren Crosbie Paul Stephenson

Will you come?