Abolish Cruel Puppy Farms


Dear Premier,

Puppy farms are commercial businesses that mass produce puppies for sale through pet shops or online and can house hundreds of breeding dogs on site that are confined in cages for most of their lives.

Animal welfare organisations such as Oscar's Law, the RSPCA, Animals Australia, the Humane Society and many other groups are opposed to puppy farms and there is huge community opposition to them.

While there have been some changes to the law and the code of practice, large scale puppy farms continue to operate where hundreds of animals are caged for up to 23 hours a day for the purposes of breeding puppies for profit.

Breeding females are usually bred every time they come into heat, until they can no longer produce puppies – this is still allowed under the revised code. Once the dog is no longer useful for breeding it is usually destroyed and replaced by another female, often one of her female pups.

Dogs rescued from puppy factories can be difficult to rehome, because they have known nothing but a cage their entire life and struggle to cope with the outside world.

Please end this form of animal cruelty by banning the sale of animals through pet shops and abolishing puppy farms in Victoria now.

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